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Both the tonal and aesthetic beauty of a guitar is deeply rooted in the selection and careful manipulation of various domestic and exotic woods. I select only the highest quality woods that are worked with painstaking care to my exacting standards. I have a wide selection of soundboards and tonewoods available to create a truly customized instrument. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding wood selection. Together, we can design a guitar with the look and sound you have been searching for.


One of the few negative aspects of building guitars is the environmental impact caused by the harvesting of exotic hardwoods. While the amount of wood used over the course of a luthier's career is relatively small, I feel it is a builder's responsibility and in everyone's best interest to counteract this usage. That is why over the course of my career I continue to donate to the non-profit organization Taking Root. Based in Canada and operating extensively in Central America, Taking Root believes that sustainable reforestation is more than simply planting a tree; it is empowering local communities to develop their own sustainable reforestation practices. Learn more about this great organization at

Please click here to see a selection of some of my currently available sets!

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